Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Myself .. :)

This is me of course!!!

want to know my profile...:)

okay i tell you then...

my full name is Nur Nabilah bt. Banyuk for sure :D

just call me alai or nabilah for short :)

i'm 16 years old this year :) and 17 next year..oh gosh!!!SPM o.O

i'm just a simple girl..<3

I love the most :

♥ Allah :)

♥ My Religion..Islam :)

♥ My Family :)

♥ My Friends :)

My principle of life :

- never ever n ever hate people :D

- patience is half of,be patience :)

- study is the most important thing in our life...:)

- life must go on eventhough we've been hurts :')

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