Thursday, 15 December 2011

Banyuk's Family :D

This handsome man is my father Banyuk b. Muhi is his name...working as a teacher at Sekolah Kebangsaan Encik Buyong....he is a loving father walaupun sometimes nya marah-marah with all of us....that shows his loves to us He sometimes always making jokes and makes our family happy...He understand what we want and what we feel about something happen in this world...he always give some supportive words to us...masa kecik2 dolok he always paluk with rotan or cubit me dengan cara ya lah kamek orang terjaga sampei kinek tok btw,love my father so much...he is my idol...thanks ayah

This cute and beautiful women is my mother she is the most i love in this world...Her name is Anita bt. Abu Bakar and works as a teacher also at Sekolah Kebangsaan Rakyat Tupong...She is a loving,caring,supportive,responsible, and macam2 agiklah.. Masa sakit she is the one who really care to us and treat us until get well... she'll always there when we need her and she guide us to be a person...sometimes she will at us when we doing something bad but then she will makes us comfortable to be with my mother so much..thanks ibu

This cute girl is my eldest sister  She doesn't want her picture to be shown.. Her name is Nur Bazilah and now studying at Universiti Malaysia Terengganu she is 19 years old...hhmmm...she is a hardworking and smart in her study...we just call her kakak at home...sometimes jak ada kat rumah...balit dari labuan then x lamak pasya terus ke terengganu btw miss u so much sis n goodluck k

This cute and gorgeous girl is my second sis Her name is Nur she is working hard to be a teacher just like our parents at IPBL...she is the most bising in the ..her voice is very powerful and can make people shrink ..hahaha btw, she never lokek to spend her money to us..she had a great laugh and sometimes cannot controlled herself ...all of her friends feel comfort by her last word to describe her is she always says that she is cute *ingga

This cute little girl is me haha..perasan my name is Nur Nabilah and studying at Sekolah Seni is my options..i'm the third child in this family ...hmmm...i don't know how to describe myself actually... okay we proceed to the next person then... btw, i love myself..hehe...

This handsome boy is my brother..hensem kerr His name is Asmaan...studying at Sekolah Seni Kuching and took PSV as his options...he is great in sketching and painting ...sometimes he is annoying ....dekat sekolah, he is alim ...asal balit rumah mesti mintak beli serban but it's okay...he also guide me and always told me to supposed to be me that guide him ..but i don't know,he want to guide me anyway...that's all

Hah this handsome boy is my second brother His name is Abdul Qadir...studying at SK Rakyat Tupong...he told us that many girls like him ...madah nya tek he is a perasan boy and always making jokes that make himself laugh sentiasa loyar buruk...and he also good in to making faces that make us laugh perey abis....that all that i can describe about him

This cute little boy is my youngest brother His name is Ahmad Basir..he is the clever boy in his school ...sentiasa carik kelayi with his brother then he's the one that will
..haha...congek abis... he still feel that he is the smallest one in this family walaupun ada adik yang lebih kecik agik btw,love this boy..n ne gigi kitak..hahaha

This cute little girl is my yougest sister Her name is Nur Ain Madihah...She is 2 years old this year...talkative i think walaupun apa yang diklaka nya x difaham tapi buat2 faham jak lah.. She also the ngegeh's one in our family but i hope she not ngegeh when she get bigger soon...she always says "nenen cucu..nenen cucu" when she is this girl anyway

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